Advance Warehouse Interface

How to Access Pharma Ji's Advance Warehouse Interface?

Please locate your nearby warehouse marked in map and take the cursor over the bubble for warehouse access/details. Make sure warehouse you are going to access is having scheduled delivery in your area otherwise expect a delay.

If you already know the warehouse you want to access, please quickly navigate the desired warehouse by navigating the “Warehouse” menu available in top menu bar. Zonal warehouses are additionally listed at the end of the page which are having little bit longer delivery cycles.

We understand Pharma and surgical requires time critical delivery, for that rather than traditional centralized inventory we are maintaining distributed Inventory closure to our customer places.

Our dedicated light weight, user friendly, online inventory interface is directly exposed to our customers to avoid mistakes while placing the orders. Once the order is placed, Pharma Ji warehouse will deliver the product during next close schedule delivery cycle and our customer can commit further accordingly. 

We are additionally having “Pick up from warehouse” option, where customer will able to pick up the pre ordered parcels from warehouse during urgencies. Please select the appropriate option while placing the order.

We offer free accounts application for managing your stocks, it keep updating your shortfalls to our cloud so that you focus on your bussiness and we maintain your inventory remotely!